Baton Rouge Riverfront Master Plan

     Phase 3: Concepts

  The third phase of the project was the Design Concept report by Glenn Allen and Kirt Rieder. The design team presented three design concepts for the Baton Rouge Riverfront. Central to each concept is the development of Riverfront Terraces that would be implemented parallel to the Mississippi River Levee. The development of the terraces could take on several design characteristics:

(1) Running/walking

(2) Cycling

(3) Informal Recreation

(4) Events

(5) Public Gardens
All connecting to the heart of downtown Baton Rouge while providing spectacular views of the Mississippi River and city skyline.

Phase 1
Phase 1
Phase 1
Phase 1


  • Concept A - Riverfront Terraces extend from Casino Rouge just south of Florida Street
    Riverfront Terrace A - Site Plan
    Computer Skyline
    Aerial 1A
    Aerial 2A
  • Concept B - Riverfront Terraces extend from Main Street south to existing Riverfront Dock
    Riverfront Terrace B - Site Plan
    Computer Skyline
    Aerial 1B
    Aerial 2B
  • Concept C - Riverfront Terraces extend from DeSoto Park south to North Boulevard
    Riverfront Terrace C - Site Plan
    Computer Skyline
    Aerial 1C
    Aerial 2C

    The consultants in the three site plans propose a series of development options south of Interstate 10.

    Concept A
    The program calls for: (1) Ball Park, (2) Skate Park (3) Garages, (4) Hotel/Residential, (5) Residential/Retail on the Old Municipal Dock

    Concept B
    The program calls for: (1) Ball Park , (2) Amphitheater, (3) Skate Park (4) Garages, ( 5 ) Hotel/Residential and ( 6 ) Utilization of the Old Municipal Dock

    Concept C
    The program calls for: (1) Residential, (2) Garages, (3) Hotel (4) Retail/Commercial (5) Retail/Commercial Utilization of the old Municipal Dock

    North Boulevard Town Square
    Linking the riverfront to the heart of downtown, Hargreaves Associates are developing a concept for the North Boulevard Town Square.  The area is adjacent to several civic buildings, the Governmental Building (City Hall), the Municipal Building, the Shaw Center for the Arts and the soon to be under construction 19th Judicial Court.  The proposed plan is to increase and complement the existing Oak Tree Canopies as well as introduce an unique decking system which will incorporate lighting representing the river and the area's rich agricultural history.

    North Boulevard Town Square identity
    Proposed improvements
    Example of proposed lighting

    The final presentation will be held at the Louisiana Art and Science Museum Auditorium on June 8th
    at 6:30 p.m.


  • Downtown Development District Hargreaves US Army Corps of Engineers